Getting To Know Nicholas Tali!

At Tier One Consulting in Phoenix, AZ, our people are the reason for our success. Their drive, commitment, tenacity, personality, and work ethic are what makes us stand out to our clients, job prospects, and customers, and the Greater Phoenix community. When you work with the right team, after all, greatness is possible. Each month, we look to showcase a new team member that is raising the bar for excellence and really setting the pace for our entire team. This May, we’d like to introduce you to Nicholas Tali, rising star here at Tier One Consulting.


Berlin, Germany

College Graduation Date:




Favorite Sport:

Soccer – 6 years experience in hometown club

Defining Life Moment:

Moving to America in 2016

First Job in the States:

Front Desk Administration

Second Job:

Tier One Consulting

Things I love about the opportunity at Tier One Consulting:

Provided training, equal opportunity for all entry levels, & merit-based compensation.


Work ethic, adaptability, entrepreneurship.


Promoted to Corporate Trainer role within the company’s Management Training Program. I was also the recipient of a “leadership pin” signifying my efforts at work!


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