Meet Marco Monrroy: Account Manager

Welcome to Tier One Consulting, where our greatest superpower is our team. One of those team members continues to outshine himself and soar higher each day. Marco Monrroy joined our team in July of this year and has spent his first weeks crushing goals and creating a reputation of strength and drive. We were hoping that he could share his tips and tricks of the trade and the secret to success, so we sat down with him to discuss business, success, and goals.

Marco Monrroy was born in Mérida, Venezuela, where he lived for the first ten years of his life before moving to Gilbert, Arizona. The inclination towards business and interpersonal communication existed in Monrroy long before he joined the team.

Lucky for us, Monrroy stumbled upon the exact opportunity that changed all of our lives. While on the job hunt, Monrroy came across a Tier One Consulting job posting on Zip Recruiter! From there, the rest was history. From the day that Monrroy walked into the office for his interview, we all knew it was meant to be. Since that day, he has transformed each experience into an opportunity for learning and growth, shaping himself into a strong leader. “This company helped mold me into the great leader I am today,” says Monrroy, “this experience has taught me how to learn from criticism and has motivated me to keep learning and growing every day. I am always open to criticism and constantly trying to learn the best way to run things. I am also passionate about others, and it reflects in my work. My favorite thing about working in the business industry is being able to interact with different people from different backgrounds while helping them get to the level of success they desire.”

As for his greatest motivation, Monrroy cites God, his family, and specifically, his beautiful mother. All of these factors have pushed him to recreate himself each and every day in his work. “From this career, I have gained new knowledge, a new work family, and so many new opportunities,” says Monrroy. “The proudest moment in my life was getting promoted within the office. I am motivated to get up and work each day knowing that I get to work with good people in a high energy environment where my work is appreciated.”

Monrroy defines success simply: “Success to me is being able to accomplish your desired vision and executing planned goals.”

While Marco Monrroy is always looking to the future, he also has insight into the past. “If I could tell my thirteen-year-old self anything, I would say ‘accomplish what you set your mind to and meet new people; don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone.’” As for his advice to others in the industry, Monrroy says, “Always have a student mentality and give it all you’ve got — no plan B.” With a mindset like that, there is no telling how far he will go with the Tier One Consulting team.


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