Business, Leadership, and Recruiting 101 with Amira George

Tier One Consulting is sending a huge thank you this holiday season to Amira George, our all-star HR Director. Amira works tirelessly every day to create a functional and unbreakable structure within our office. Born in Asyut, Egypt, Amira George’s path to Tier One was a bit different than most of our other team members. We sat down with her this month to discuss the road that brought her here and where she is going now.

“I moved to America pretty young,” says George, “I was socialized all around the world. I moved a lot within the U.S. as well, but I consider my home to be in Egypt and Oregon.” George experienced much more in those first years of life than many others will in their entire lives. “Watching my parents go through medical school twice was very influential and powerful for me,” says George, “They both moved as doctors from Egypt and were required to re-submit to medical school in the states if they wanted to continue practicing medicine- so they did it! They crushed their exams and residency programs and now are both award-winning doctors in Egypt as well as in the States.”

As a child, Amira George was loyal, nurturing, hardworking, competitive, and “radically honest.” The future entrepreneur was a very involved kid between dance, swimming, kick-boxing, and track and field. “Often I was one of the top performers, so I learned very young that the only way to succeed is by becoming so great that you can only compete with yourself,” says George, “This taught me to always be honest with myself and to always try to make every performance my best performance.” Given that her childhood dream job was to be an undercover agent in the FBI, one could say that this career came a bit out of the left field. “I never expected this exact career, but I knew I wanted the opportunity to help develop, coach and change lives.”

After graduating from high school, George packed her bags and began studying at Oregon State, where she stayed for two years before transferring to Grand Canyon University. “I earned my degree in Business Law with a minor in Communications. Through college, I worked as a bartender and a wedding planner at “The Reserve Golf Club and Vineyard” in Portland, Oregon. Naturally, being from the northwest, I enjoy hiking and snowboarding, along with kickboxing.”

“I think one life experience that immensely shaped me was the opportunity to be raised in a different country – allowing me the unique perspective of having a more diversified mindset, along with a high level of gratitude. I speak three languages. Arabic, French, and English, and I am proud of my leadership and empathy.”

It wasn’t long after college that Amira George joined the Tier One team and upon her first day, she knew she was in the right place. “I immediately noticed that there was a very different culture,” says George, “every individual and aspect of the company appeared sincere as well as organic. The culture is warm, supportive, organic, and highly family-oriented. The process of recruiting was completely new to me starting in the company, but my entire team was there to support me and guide me into this new career. This opportunity has truly allowed me to appreciate people of all walks of life and stages.”

As a recruiter, Amira George knows what it takes to build a strong team. In the spirit of holiday giving, she was willing to share the trade secrets with the world. “I look for people who embody the student mentality, show ambition, and work ethic, and who will be a positive contribution to our culture. We believe that the individuals inside of the company are our most important asset, so we treat them accordingly, like family. Make sure that your resume is clear, organized, and highlights your strengths. One trick that always helped me land previous roles was honestly just having fun and being myself, typically much appreciated by the person interviewing me.”

Looking to the future, there is nothing but success coming for Amira George. “I want to be successful, happy, and have the freedom to work when I want, as well as where I want. I want to continue with my leadership development to the point where I am able to conduct seminars, develop leaders, and interpersonally coach high-level executives. I plan to help the company expand and grow, and I hope to be a major part of that.”


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