Nomad, Father, Husband, Entrepreneur: Meet Stefan Wirtz

Tier One Consulting’s team grew by one recently when Stefan Wirtz joined the team as an Account Manager. Wirtz has joined the ranks of some of the best salespeople and entrepreneurs in the game right now, but there is something a bit different about him. Wirtz brings something to the table that not everyone has, and that is a depth of experience exploring global cultures.

Stefan Wirtz grew up in New York, Ohio, Germany, Japan, and England, a dual citizen of the US and Germany. An athletic child with an international grasp, Wirtz dreamt of becoming a top professional athlete.

“Competition is about improving and exceeding your results. It is so amazing to be in a business where you are in business for yourself, but not by yourself.”

Stefan Wirtz

After graduating from high school in London, England, Wirtz went straight to work for a globally present industrial chemical company headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany, and learned sales and marketing from the ground up. “Early on in life,” explains Wirtz, “I learned that the value of dual education, meaning both daytime on-the-job training as well as evening business classes in specialized schools, is greater and more effective than traditional university education.” The proof is in the pudding with this one! Stefan Wirtz came to Tier One Consulting with more than twenty-five years of business experience.

Happily married for over seventeen years, and the father of fourteen-year-old twin daughters, Stefan Wirtz is energized most by connecting with and helping others.

“I’m passionate about helping clients,” says Wirtz, “I’m passionate about achieving my career goals, and I’m passionate about helping others do the same. Of course, as a husband and father, my first obligation is to provide for my family. It’s as simple as that!

How does a recent hire respond to the circumstances laid out for us in 2020? What does it feel like to jumpstart a career just moments before a global shutdown? “I do not know a single person on planet earth that has not been affected by COVID-19 in one way or another,” says Wirtz, “In my case, I decided that I better part ways with my previous employer and look for new opportunities that led to business ownership rather than being an employee. I’m so glad I found this gem of an opportunity. I am motivated each day by the opportunity in front of me. Of course, that, and our customers. Our customers and products are the basis of our existence, worthy of all of our attention.”

After twenty-five years of exploration and experimentation with various career options, Stefan Wirtz says he finally feels settled. He is passionate about encouraging others to follow the same path he did. “If someone were considering this career, I would ask them, ‘do you know any other opportunity in which the sky is truly the limit? Do you know of any other job that paves a path to business ownership in this way? Do you know of a job providing the required mentorship worth hundreds of thousands of dollars for free? Do they know of any non-discriminatory and truly performance-based jobs?”

Despite his undeniable passion for the industry, Stefan Wirtz maintains that his number one priority will always be his family. “My greatest accomplishment to date is my beautiful family,” says Wirtz, “We are truly happy.” The future is blindingly bright for Stefan Wirtz, and here at Tier One Consulting, we look forward to many years of growth and greatness alongside him.

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