From New York City to Houston – Meet Talia Africano

Tier One Consulting’s very own superstar Account Manager, Talia Africano, is a twenty-nine-year-old city-slicker turned Texas girl. Born and raised in Manhattan, New York, Africano once walked the streets of New York City, dreaming of becoming an equestrian showjumper. Eager to get out into the world and become independent, Talia Africano started working at 16. With 13 years of work experience under her belt, Africano knows precisely what she brings to the table; work ethic. “I grew up playing many different competitive sports,” says Africano, “I tried my hand at fencing, tennis, and basketball. I learned how to work on a team while bettering myself. In this career, it can be difficult to push past the adversity in front of you, but my competitive background prepared me for that.”

Passionate about lifting others and sharing the opportunity she has been given, Talia Africano’s career has grown in ways she never expected. What qualities come out of a valuable job? Persistence and strength are the obvious benefits, but for Africano, a career like this also pushes individuals to connect with others and work beyond themselves. “This career has taught me a lot about myself,” says Africano, “I feel lucky to be in a position of endless opportunity and growth. I am motivated each day by the opportunity in front of me, the passion for conquering a new day, and the desire to achieve my goals.”

“If I could give a piece of advice to anyone, it would be to learn,” says Africano, “learn as much as you can. Keep a student mentality in every situation and persevere through the challenges, as those will have the biggest impact on your career.” Speaking of a student mentality, Talia Africano is far more than an Account Manager with Tier One Consulting. Africano is a graduate, someone who finished up her bachelor’s degree while working three jobs and competing competitively in the equestrian show ring- that’s dedication. “My father always taught me to work as hard as possible, and the rest will follow,” says Africano, “beyond his advice, I’m incredibly inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King and Oprah Winfrey. Those are my role models, but my definition of success is ‘being able to find comfort in the work you have done and the goals you have reached.’” For Talia Africano, success means putting your head on the pillow each night and feeling content with your day. 

Here at Tier One Consulting, we feel honored and lucky to work alongside Talia Africano each day. She inspires every team member and is living proof of what can happen if you simply work, and work hard. Her determination and mental strength are the keys to success here at our office. You know what they say, you can take the girl out of New York City…

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