Inside Entrepreneurship With Mirian Umana

Since October of this year, Mirian Umana has been an Account Manager on the Tier One Consulting team during one of the most challenging periods many of us have experienced. That said, Umana has let absolutely nothing slow her down. Since day one on our team, Mirian Umana has been a stellar entrepreneur and an inspiring leader, and as her team, we know she is capable of anything.

Ahead of the holiday season, we took this quiet time as an opportunity to connect on a deeper level. We sat down with Umana to discuss all things business and beyond, and she shared her story with us – past, present, and future. 

Catch us up. What has life been like up to this point?

“I was born and raised in Missouri and grew up playing many sports. I was involved in softball, volleyball, basketball, dance team, and soccer. I recently graduated with a degree in Communications but did not expect to end up in this particular field. I took time in college to explore different career interests; I even spent some time as a Bilingual Advocate and Children’s Program Coordinator at a Domestic Violence Shelter. “

You say you didn’t expect this career, and yet you are a rockstar! What qualities do you think prepped you for a position like this?

“I have strong communication skills, and I feel that I am great when it comes to engaging with other individuals. I think I have a positive attitude and a desire to grow. I have grown so much as an individual since starting here, and I have an open mind regarding success. It has been a challenge to combat the self-doubt that creeps in at the beginning. There are so many responsibilities on your plate, and your performance is everything, which was intimidating at first. I found that with the help of my amazing team members, I was able to overcome that feeling.”

What has it been like to begin a career during a pandemic?

“I came into this career in the midst of COVID-19, so zoom culture became the norm for me. Tier One Consulting has kept morale high, and our entire team has been motivated and excited each day. I am looking forward to continued success and growth in this field. My favorite part about working in this industry is the interaction with different individuals every day, which is different during this time, but the human connection is still there.”

Where do you find your motivation? Does it come from within?

“Each morning, I am reminded of my personal goals for myself and my family, and that pushes me forward. It also doesn’t hurt to be surrounded by such inspiring people, constantly pushing me to grow. As for my own goals, I see myself holding a CEO title in the future. My plan? Keep my goals in mind, work hard, stay humble, and be grateful.”

Here at Tier One Consulting, we see our team as a collective machine of moving parts. The best part about that philosophy is seeing different values and goals held by each person on the team. Mirian Umana defines success as happiness because a truly happy person needs nothing. She is inspired by her family and pushed by the work ethic her parents instilled in her. She is an extroverted and spiritual entrepreneur who has genuinely changed the fabric of our culture since the day she joined the team.

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